Spring Break in Cancun in Photos

I stayed at a hotel in the Hotel Zone called the CasaMagna. 

Both sides of the hotel strip are surrounded by water. On one side is the ocean, a clear blue that gradually becomes navy, whose waves range from gentle to strong enough to knock the wind out of you by the day. 

Along the beach there are chairs, huts, pools, volleyball nets, bars, and beach clubs.

As you walk along the sand you can see people reading, swimming, drinking, playing volleyball, and dancing at the Grand Oasis party beach. 


On the other side of the strip you can see the lagoon. That's where most of the water sports take place. All day people are driving boats, some carrying people parasailing, and water skis.

There are all kinds of restaurants on the strip, many of them serving fresh seafood, like the shrimp in the pictured shrimp tacos.

Some restaurants have docks on the lagoon for people who are boating to pull up and eat at.

Xcaret Cancun is a big travel company that organizes excursions to adventure parks, such as Xplor and Xel-Ha and Chichen Itza. 

Audrey is a Junior in Pforzheimer. She likes writing, adventure, Tatte, and doing things ironically it's no longer ironic. She's also Co-Campus Coordinator of the Her Campus Harvard branch.