Blue Bottle Beginnings at Harvard

Blue Bottle, a chic and super sustainable café, opened in Harvard Square in the beginning of February with a bang. On opening day, everyone in town was rushing over to the new stop in town that’s across from the Harvard Lampoon.

Blue Bottle prides itself on core values of “hospitality, deliciousness, and sustainability,” said Rose Bridges, who is Blue Bottle’s Community Manager. Beyond these core values, the company is also involved in the local communities of wherever its stores are located.

The new Harvard location works with Artists for Humanity, a non-profit where youth artist apprentices collaborate with patrons, via one-on-one mentorships with young artists. In fact, Blue Bottle will open a location soon in the Prudential Center, and this location will similarly contribute to AH!

Bridges said that the Boston community has been asking for Blue Bottle for a long time, and they are really excited to make changes in Cambridge and Boston alike. The Harvard location aims to add to the hub of activity in The Square by providing a new place to have wonderful, safe conversations over coffee. At Blue Bottle, everyone should be welcomed with a huge smile and a “Hello!” Bridges said.

Students at Harvard have been excited about the new coffee stop for its pretty lattes and aesthetic interior. Dogs alike have been excited about Blue Bottle since there is a doggie bowl with water right outside the store door.

Bridges, who’s always been a coffee drinker, started working with Blue Bottle as an independent contractor taking photos for social media. But now, as community manager, she gets to enjoy and maintain relationships that are beautiful and rewarding. She highlighted how she now thinks constantly about “how many hands touch each bean before it’s processed into each cup that’s then presented to me at the café.”

A run-down of items on the menu is coming soon! 

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