5 Writing Prompts That Will Get Words on the Page

Do you ever feel like this?


Or this?


When you would you rather be like this?


The process of writing can be hard, but the process of starting a piece can be harder. Sometimes you have an idea but you just cannot get it started. Sometimes the words just cannot come out right. The process of automatic writing can get you out of your head and get some words on the page. Start with any of these writing prompts and set a timer for five minutes. Do not stop writing until the timer goes off. Do not go back to edit. You may be surprised by the hidden gems you find in automatic writing. Or you may want to move on to another prompt in hopes that that works better. Here are five easy ones to start.


1. Lists

Make a series of lists. Start with a list of places you feel safe. Then transition to a list of places you hate. Next make a list of things you think of when you think about love. Finally make a list of things you learned by the time you were ten.


2. Cut and paste start

It was a cold, cold night. So cold. My feet hit the ground hard as I run. I can hear him barking behind me.


3. Challenge

Try writing a passage without using the letter t.


4. Write what you know.

Describe your current setting.


5. Work it in.

Find a spot for the following in your writing: “I just don’t feel that way about you.” “What is that smell?” “Her heart stopped.” “That’s my favorite flavor!” “She grinned widely. Too widely.”


Audrey is a Junior in Pforzheimer. She likes writing, adventure, Tatte, and doing things ironically it's no longer ironic. She's also Co-Campus Coordinator of the Her Campus Harvard branch.

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