Our Very Own Brown Woman in Media

Bold, Alluring, and Unforgettable.

Graduating strategic communications major, Asia Milia, hails from the Queens, New York! For those of you who haven't had the opportunity to meet this savvy Brown Girl on her way to top of the world of media, recognize that Asia has managed to land dream internships with Hot97, and Essence Magazine, leading her to become an Essence Magazine College Brand Ambassador for the 2015-2016 year. Asia is not only a media sensation on the rise, but a known style and fitness guru, recently launching her very own website designed to empower women.

On November 5th, 2016, Asia will be honored at the Third Annual Brown Women in a Media Brunch. Truly the epitome of the female hustler, meet Hampton University's very own, Miss Asia Milia!

HC: What attracted you to the broad world of media?

AM: I was attracted to the media the second I took a trip to People and People StyleWatch Magazine my senior year in high school. The environment was so fun to be around, and I knew I could fit right in at a young age. Sitting in on meetings, watching a magazine come together, seeing celebrities, and all of those fun media activities were things I saw at 16 years old. Those things are enticing! Everyone around me already knew that I belonged there before I saw it in myself.

HC: How did you find out about Brown Women in Media, and how did you end up as an honoree?

AW: I found out about Brown Women in Media through the founder, Makeba Green. She reached out to me via Instagram and scheduled to come speak to the Student Leaders at Hampton last year. Makeba and I kept a strong relationship via social media, and always praised each other on our accomplishments. Green reached out to me one day this summer, I remember sitting at my desk at Hot 97 and she said I was nominated to be an honoree. I was in awe— an industry that I was once so afraid into that I’m now being honored in at only 20 years old? It’s such a humbling feeling. I would say my hard work landed me here as an honoree, I’m being honored alongside such amazing women and I still don’t know who nominated me, but I want them to know that from my bottom of my heart I am so thankful.

HC: What are two things you really wish to find in the field of media once you’ve graduated and truly been inducted into the “real world”?

AW: The first thing I truly wish to find is a position that allows me to ease my way into the industry and help me solidify what is it that I truly want to do. And, the second thing is to find myself through my brand. I have an “established” brand now, but sometimes I feel like school holds me back, so I’m ready to fully explore everything I can do as Asia Milia in the media while giving back to young girls who aspire to work in the media.

HC: What are three words or terms you could give us that can serve as keys for young brown girls planning to be in media some day?

AW: Your work ethic must match your goals. – Go hard in WHATEVER you do. My supervisor last summer told me, Diddy used to do whatever he had to do no matter what the consequences were. That’s the work ethic you need to have. Go hard for your goals. If you don’t, this industry may not be for you. There’s no room for the lazy.  Accept no’s with a smile.— Internships and jobs will say no. It hurts, but it’s helpful. Every no is another push to that one yes that can change your world, but if you take that no with salt then you may never reach that yes.

Makeba Green, a Brown Girl who has made her way through the world of media and entrepreneurship inspiring and motivating Brown Girls everywhere she goes. The creator of the Brown Girls in Media Brunch, aside from being a strong media personality and ingenious business woman, also holds the title of author, and motivational speaker at only 21 years of age. Talk about a go-getter, meet the phenomenal Makeba Green!

HC: What inspired you to become a brown woman in media yourself?

MG: What inspired me to become a brown woman in media is from my exposure initially as a young girl from my parents signing me up for photography classes, which lead me to be interested in the media field. I attended a performance arts high school which allowed me to have exposure within the media field.

HC: What is the main mission of Brown Women in Media?

MG: The main mission of Brown women in media is to help empower, motivate, expose and provide a seat at the table for women of color who are trying to break into the industry or who are in the industry who aren't getting proper exposure that they need to build their platforms.

HC: What do you hope women and girls of color looking to be in media will take away from Brown Girls in Media?

MG: I'm hoping that women and girls of color would take away the following: that you don't need validation from anyone, It's okay to be comfortable in your own skin, in life it's all one big journey so enjoy the process the highs, lows, happy moments, sad moments! Enjoy the uncertainty, enjoy not knowing which way your journey may take you, because everything that is meant to happen will happen, as humans we must remember that you don't miss anything that's not for you.  Most importantly what happened yesterday is done, you always have tomorrow.

HC: If you could give three words of advice for young brown girls wishing to join the world of media, what would they be?

MG: Stay confident, stay persistent, never be afraid to make your own seat at the table.

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Asia Milia:

IG: missasiamilia

Website: www.asiamilia.com

Makeba Green:

IG: makebagreen_