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Losing your virginity can be an important and special moment in your life that you may remember forever. Because many women enjoy sharing their sex stories with their friends, we at HerCampus thought it would be great to share some Hamilton women’s stories about their first time having sex. We hope you will find their stories as enjoyable, funny, awkward, exciting, and interesting to read as we did!


Let's be real. It was awkward. I had broken up with this boy (he was a senior) since January. I had been thinking about how I wanted to hook up with him one last time for months, and finally during senior week I decided to text him. This was a struggle because I had deleted his number long ago. Also, every time I brought up the idea of hooking up with him one last time, my friends would yell at me and tell me it was a horrible idea. But it was senior week, and it was my last chance! I texted him to come over and he said "be there in 10, I just gotta ride the bull first". Clarification: riding the bull was an event during senior week last year. Anyway, eventually he came over and we decided to have sex. Neither of us had a condom, so I had to ask the RA for one. Needless to say, my friends were pretty shocked at my news the next morning. Guess he rode something twice that night!!!!!! 

- Female, class of 2014


My first time was memorable to say the might even call it cliché. I was sixteen and it was with my first love (this is an understatement..."obsession" would probably be more accurate as I had a crush on my first boyfriend from age 12-16 before he decided to like me back). It happened one summer night while we were on vacation with his family. Picture this: two virgins and a grassy hillside with moonlight glimmering off the pond, sounds perfect right? Yes, I'll certainly never forget it, though not because it felt good (hell no..honestly, it was terribly painful!!), but because it was truly special.

- Female, class of 2013


I lost my virginity in an outdoor skating rink. We snuck in late at night. It was a pre-arranged ordeal with a decent male friend: he was horny, and I was anxious to do it before college. We started out with me on top, straddling him on a bench, but the bench had a wobbly leg, so all of that bouncing up and down was making a lot of noise. Since we were nervous about getting caught, we moved to the ground, still with me on top. (In retrospect, I have no idea why I was on top, considering that this was an experienced guy, and it was my first time having sex). The ground was even more awkward, mostly because I had no idea what I was doing, but also because even though I was having sex with him, I somehow felt too uncomfortable to move forward, because my face would be too close to his face. We ended up moving to a bunch of different positions, including one where I was swinging from an overhanging rafter, suspended in midair, and trying to hold myself in a position where we could have sex. I can't even remember what position we ended in. All in all, it was (and probably will remain) the most awkward and uncomfortable thing I have ever experienced.

- Female, class of 2014


I was 15, and had made a deal with my best guy friend: if neither of us had a boyfriend or girlfriend by age 16, we would have sex with each other. We had always joked about it, but one cold Saturday night in February, I had decided that I was ready. I texted him to come over, and he did! While we watched the movie “Big Fat Liar” together, I was so nervous. After the movie was over, he said, “Well, we better get started.” Although I was anxious, I was also excited. We began to hookup, and pretty soon we were naked. It was definitely an interesting experience since we were both sober friends who were now naked in a bed together. The moment after he entered me, I asked him, “Is it in? I don’t feel anything.” I did know it was in, I just thought it would be funny! He didn’t find it so funny. We tried several positions that night. He had clearly watched a lot of porn and was prepared for the night. He also left his socks on the entire time. LOL. It did not hurt as much as I had expected, and it was actually very enjoyable.

- Female, class of 2014


I’m not really sure if you could call my first time a good time but it was definitely an interesting exchange! I had helped this boy with his paper for a class that he had to pass in order to graduate our high school. He wanted to make it up to me, so I guess things just happened from there since I already really liked him. We were sneaking around so that no one would find out about it, which sort of made the whole thing even better. It was pretty fun running around a friend’s basement during a house party trying to find empty space amongst all the random toys and storage, but sometimes a little patch of carpet is all your need! Though the first few minutes were a little hard (pardon the pun) and embarrassing, it definitely turned out to be one of the funniest experiences I’ve ever had.

- Female, class of 2015


Do you have an equally hilarious/embarrasing/exciting sex story to share as well? Feel free to share and let us know in the comments below! 

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