4 Ways to Make the Most of Office Hours

Incoming! The moment when you realize that you still have no idea what’s going on in a class. Sure, you show up to class “ready to learn,” but how much of what the teacher says do we actually absorb? Raising your hand in front of a class to ask for clarification can be nerve-racking, and this often prevents us from asking the questions needed to gain an understanding of the material. One-on-one help is the solution. This is where the beauteous idea of a teacher’s office hours comes into play. Office hours are often looked at as a hassle or a waste of time, but when used correctly, they can be extremely helpful and beneficial to your grade. Here are a few tips to get the most out of you’re time slot with a professor:

1. Be organized.Chances are your professor has his/her office hours completely booked up. Don’t waste time with your professor flipping through your papers and trying to remember what topics you even wanted to ask about. It helps to keep an ongoing list of confusing topics and questions you have, whether it’s while doing homework or as it comes up during a lecture. This way you’ll know exactly what to ask in order to fully grasp the course material.

2. Get there on time.Nothing is more annoying to a professor than having the student they were supposed to meet with not show up on time, or at all, for their appointment. Remember they are taking time out of their day to meet with you, and in the end it’s only you who misses out on valuable time to get your questions answered. Getting there early may even land you a few extra minutes for your professor to work with you.

3. Come prepared.Always come to office hours prepared to take notes. Lets face it, we all have those days where we ask the teacher to explain something, understand it completely, but then forget everything they said the moment we leave the classroom. Avoid this issue completely by just simply jotting down everything your professor says. It’s easy and will save you a lot of trouble when it comes to going back into your notes to review and study.

4. Create a relationship with your professor!Seeing your professor during office hours can benefit you more than you’d think. Professors have a multitude of classes everyday with countless students and different faces. As much as we like to think a professor knows our each and every name, you won’t stand out as a student unless you make the effort to. Creating this relationship with a teacher will show them that you really care about doing well in their course. The more you show that you’re making an effort, the more likely your professor will be willing to help you out in the future. 


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