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So whilst my day yesterday was filled with Exeter’s grey sky and too many hours spent traipsing between Queens building and the Moot Room, another day of fashion rained down (almost literally in Burberry’s case) in London. With big designers such as Burberry Prorsum, Christopher Kane, Pringle of Scotland and McQ Alexander McQueen all showing, yesterday was always going to be one of the most exciting days in London Fashion Week: and they certainly didn’t let us down.
It could be seen clearly by anyone who watched the shows yesterday that we’re in for an exciting winter: from country living being the staple theme in Burberry Prorsum’s collection, to the militaristic feel of McQ, there are so many ideas for your new winter wardrobe – and there was no expense spared in showing them. Guests at the McQ show were treated to a thoroughly autumnal feel as they walked over crisp leaves to get to their seats and then the models finally appeared from behind an imposing, dark black wall. Not to be outdone, Burberry Prorsum took more of the winter than the autumn inspiration for their backdrop, as it appeared to snow right at the end of the show when the models all came out together. Fashion week isn’t just about the clothes on the models – it’s the atmosphere of the shows as well, it is so exciting even just to be there.

Pick of the Day: You might have guessed from the above that I might, potentially, only in a very, very small way, be a Burberry Prorsum fan… Okay, it’s my favourite British brand by a long way and this catwalk collection did nothing to dissuade me from this opinion. You say Burberry? I say trench coat – a staple for any British girl’s autumnal wardrobe. Whilst taking this classic piece and giving it a bit of a twist with the tweed detail on the sides and the bow belt, Burberry Prorsum has made me want to dive into the back of my wardrobe and drag out my trench coat. This is such a gorgeous look – I adore the tweed detail that almost adds a peplum skirt effect, it’s incredible! And those shoes… fringe detail and continuing the bow theme with the laces: size 4 please, I’ll give you my address. 
This next look shows off another aspect of Burberry Prorsum’s collection: pencil skirts, ruffles and big bags – they are all back this season girls! While everyone has to own the obligatory straight up and down black pencil skirt, there’s nothing to say that skirt can’t be extremely feminine and stylish at the same time as performing its main role. This jacket screams country living, but the belt around the middle again makes this look a bit more feminine. It’s the sort of jacket better worn a bit big, as you can see, and you can tell it’s going to look good on most people – and not just on people who are sample sizes! Finally – have a look at the bag. Dark plum and oversized, nothing else needs to be said, it speaks for itself.

What’s trending so far?
Christopher Kane contrasted everything I have showed you so far this week with his, quite frankly, incredible collection. Vogue editor Fran Burns’ response to his show was: “I just Tweeted the most emotional tweet ever – I actually get anxiety at this show between each look. I feel sick with excitement as it’s something so different and he teaches you new ways to see things – this time it was a bit of Goth, a bit of punk, but it’s always beautifully, elegantly refined and an absolute joy – I loved it.” He showed a collection that suggested a return to a glam-rock era of fashion. Leather, dark colours and sharp, sleek hairstyles showed the potential for an androgynous look this coming season. On the left, Kane has brought this black leather bow to add a touch of femininity to a very dark look.
His collection is summed up by the fact that it all started with a series of stiff, black leather jackets with blue panels on both sides. In contrast to this, McQ’s first catwalk collection was not punk or goth at all – but it was militaristic. This coat (below) is the epitome of militaristic: sharp cut, belt to complete the look.
And the hair couldn’t be less feminine! The detail on the pockets and the bottom of the coat – it transforms this into not just another coat. The dress is too amazing – look at all the material and all the detail in this – incredible doesn’t cover this. It is such a classic spring look to have floral print, but the black underskirt and the black on the top of the dress makes this a much more autumn/winter look.
Enjoy your Tuesday girls, don’t work too hard – watch the last day of fashion week on your laptop, ‘till tomorrow girls!
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