Gift Guide #7 - Boyfriend!

HCX girls, I’m sure you want all of your boyfriends’ guy mates to be envious of the perfect gift you got him for Christmas this year – but what do buy a guy that either has everything, or is insistent on you not spending money on him?! Sorry for any overlaps with the Gift Guide for Brothers here, boys really are quite difficult to buy for!

  1. Clothes

Does he love slobbing around in his Jack Wills hoody or Superdry sweatpants? Are they all weathered and grimy at the ends? Treat him to a new cosy pair of trackie bums to wear around the house and into Uni when feeling lazy. Cult in Princesshay in Exeter do a wide range, as do Topshop and Primark!

  1. Snow attire

Is he going skiing or snowboarding over Christmas or for New Year? And he is quite a regular tourist of Val D’Isere or Tignes? Why not treat him to a new pair of really fancy gloves, or a top of the range pair of Oakley goggles. He’ll be able to use them straight away and for the next few years and will be so grateful for the thought you’ve put into what he could really make use of! If he’s more of a sunglasses rather than goggles guy whilst on the slopes, why don’t you get him a flash pair of Oakley or Bollé sunglasses – both designers do ranges specified for skiing/snowboarding in terms of the lens and the design so they are more secure when wearing them.

  1. Aftershave

He needs to be kept smelling nice, fresh and attractive at all times so why not buy him a new bottle of either a scent he already wears or a new one for a new year. Popular scents with the male sex (and  girls from what I’ve heard…) are Light Blue by Dolce & Gabbana, Jean Paul Gaultier, and Paco Rabanne. I mentioned this in the Gift Guide for Girlfriends, but it applies here too – why don’t you try and find the box set of the scent that you’re shopping for; they’re usually only a little more expensive than the bottle alone, and includes shower gel and body lotion for a longer lasting smell!

  1. Shoes

This is a risky one, and should probably only be pursued if you know that there’s a particular pair of shoes that he wants – and his right size! Be it a pair of Vans or Timbalands, from my experience boys don’t buy shoes as regularly as girls, and don’t really realise when they’re toes are poking out of the bottom of their soles… So it’s either yours (or their Mums’) job to get them a new pair, along with a few new pairs of overly bright/jokey socks to wear them with.

  1. Cufflinks

If you’re feeling generous and sentimental, have a look into getting your boyfriend a pair of cufflinks, and even getting them engraved. This may be a gift idea that you want to save for his 21st, but if that has passed then it’s a good couple of years until the next big birthday, so why not go all out this Christmas? You can find simple, classic designs in most jewellers and they’ll be able to tell you where to get them engraved, and you can have the perfect personalised, thoughtful gift sorted in less than 24 hours.



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