Nail Styles for the Spring

It’s finally springtime!  You know what that means… time for a new wardrobe, a new tan, and last, but certainly not least, new nails!  With the help of Pinterest, I have collected some glamorous, flirty, and fun styles for your nails this season.  Stray away from the normal French mani-pedi you are used to and try some of these cute and colorful ideas!

1.) Your favorite shade + glitter! Add a special touch of shimmer to one of your nails for a sparkly and fun look!

2.) Accent nails: Painting one nail differently than the rest is sure to make your new manicure stand out!

3.) Stripes: One of our favorite patterns can now be worn on nails!

4.) Favorite things: Paint your nails with some of your favorite springtime things! (you might need to have a professional do these for you, they are a bit tricky!)

5.) French manicure makeover— Forget the single white tip; try a French manicure rainbow style!

6.) Ombre nails: Use various shades of color to give your nails a bold and trendy look! Try three different shades on the same nail, use a different shade on each!

7.) Newsprint nails: Take your favorite article from this week’s New York Times and transform your nails!  See below for a How-To!

How to:
1.) Apply a base coat and let dry.
2.) Choose a base color and apply, let dry.
3.) Cut out sections of newspaper that you wish to use.
4.) Dab water on the back of the newspaper strips.
5.) Place on nails for 15 seconds.
6.) Remove the newspaper, and apply a topcoat.
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