10 Covers That Are Better Than The Original Tracks

Now, I’m not one to hate on music, artists or anyone in general because as the old saying goes ‘to each their own.’ However, there are times when young singers, popular artists, and bands cover songs better than the original artist. Here are the top 10 covers that are arguably better than the original tracks.


1. Bad Blood - Alessia Cara (originally by Taylor Swift)

Contrary to Taylor’s badass, revengeful original track of Bad Blood, Alessia creates a nostalgic, reminiscent vibe while slowing down Taylor’s single. The cover forms a new meaning for the song that is filled with sadness for what has happened rather than hate and resentment.

2. On My Mind -  Sofia Karlburg (originally by Ellie Golding)

This version follows the same beat as the original, though Sofia’s voice strikes the music differently than Ellie when compared and you can hear the confliction in Sofia’s emotions.

3. Take Me to Church - Demi Lovato (originally by Hozier)  

Demi Lovato captures her deep vocal potential within this chilling cover. So. Much. Emotion.  

4. Blank Space/Style Mash Up - Louisa Wendorff (originally by Taylor Swift)

With the mix between two of Taylor’s songs and male and female vocals, this is a cover that stands on its own.

5. No - Pentatonix (originally by Meghan Trainor)

The Pentatonix bring Megan’s song to different level through their acapella cover.

6. 7 Years (Rewrite) - Leah Guest (originally by Lukas Graham)

Leah rewrote Lukas Graham’s original single to fit her perspective.

7. The Man - Shaun Reynolds (originally by Aloe Blacc)

This includes both male and female vocals which gives it a fresh vibe.

8. Rather Be - Alexa Goddard (originally by Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne)

This acoustic version of Rather Be is to die for.

9. Sorry  - Tayler Buono  (by Justin Bieber)

Tayler’s cover of Sorry slows it down and is filled with the feels.

10. Chandelier - Twisted Measure (originally by Sia)

Twisted Measure, acapella group from Elon University completely changes the vibe of Chandelier, swaying it from a party girl anthem to an emotional ballad.




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