Low on Dough? Make these DIY Beauty Products!

All right, so we all have those days. You all know what I’m talking about. You have that chem homework due in like two hours, or maybe you have that English paper due tomorrow you’ve been putting off for about… two weeks? And yet, you find yourself on StumbleUpon, Pinterest or Tumblr looking at totally random but fascinating websites just to procrastinate. One thing in particular that I always find myself looking at the longest is DIY beauty recipes. I love DIY articles in general, but I mean, really, out of all the money we spend on beauty products, clearly the do-it-yourself beauty articles will save us the most dough! Plus, it’s a fun way to spice up your beauty routine, and naturally made products are usually better for you! I’ve compiled a list of my favorite articles and recipes, some that I’ve tried and some that I’ve always wanted to, to give you the Her Campus approved DIY beauty tricks!

  • Shampoo:
    Here’s a recipe that I’ve used for homemade shampoo. I’ve found that just using it once or twice a week as a cleansing shampoo and using sulfate free shampoo the rest of the week works better than trying to use it every day.
  • Conditioner: Here’s the recipe I use for DIY conditioner. Once again, the same rule from the shampoo applies to the conditioner- use it once or twice a week and then use your regular conditioner.
  • Beachy Hair: Craving summer? This article teaches you how to get “Beach Hair in a Bottle”
  • Hair-Waxing: For a different kind of hair recipe, here’s a homemade hair-waxing recipe! [I’m too much of a baby for waxing but I’ve heard that this works great!]


  • Pore Strips: Here’s a recipe for homemade pore strips (like Biore strips.) I’ve used the gelatin recipe and trust me; it did not go over well. This is one that I’ve found that works much better!
  • Food is For More than Just Eating: Here are 10 natural foods that you can use on your skin/body and hair. I’ve actually used all of these except for the papaya ones and they all work well!


  • Body Scrub: Here’s a site that has a few different body scrubs on it. Out of this list, I’ve only used the lemon brown sugar ones so don’t forget to comment on this article and let us know how the other ones work if you try them! We love getting feedback on our articles!
  • Brown Sugar Honey Scrub: Besides the lemon brown sugar scrub, I’ve also tried this recipe which works just as well, even if it is a little stickier!


  • DIY Bronzer:Who doesn't love bronzer?! My suggestion for this recipe would be to use cocoa powder instead of cinnamon- I have a feeling cinnamon would be hot, even if it is on your face!
  • Lip Balm: Here’s a how-to for lip balm that even has Vitamin E!
  • Lip/Cheek Stain: In case you want something for your lips with color and not just balm, here’s a great natural recipe for lip/cheek stain.

If you try any of these for yourself, comment, tweet to us, or post it on our Facebook! We'd love to hear your feedback!