The Royal Rumor: Is Kate Middleton Pregnant?

Rumor has it that Kate Middleton is pregnant.

But for now that’s all these allegations are. Rumors of a royal pregnancy have been floating around since November, when an official palace spokesman for Middleton told The New York Daily News that the allegations were precisely that: rumors.

In fact, other sources speculate that the royal couple plans to wait until the hype of the London 2012 Olympic games dies down this fall. Perhaps the American tabloids are all too quick to hand out rumors.

For example, OK Magazine published, “We are desperate to hear royal baby news from these two.”

The tabloid’s cover could lead any reader who takes a glance to believe that this child is already on its way!

Either way, no definitive answer has been given, but it raises the question of how the line of succession to the British throne would be affected if they did produce an heir. Britain has no pressing need for an heir, with Prince Charles of Wales, William, duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry of Wales all in line for the throne.

This entire spectacle speaks largely to the fascination Americans and the British have regarding their “celebrities.” When it comes to the celebs, the tabloids show no restraint in playing up any hint of possible news – and this is true around the globe.

For the British, the fascination with the royal family dates back more than 400 years. Or you could argue more than a millenium! The U.K. monarchs have been ruling for more than 400 years, and before converging as one, the English and Scottish monarchs reigned for more than a 1,000. The United Kingdom functions through the establishment of tradition. The United Kingdom even lacks a written constitution, and instead the succession of the throne parallels the evolution of the country as a functioning, unified society.

Although the average tabloid-reading American probably doesn’t know this about the United Kingdom’s way of governing, many are still fascinated by the glamorous royals.

In fact, fabricated stories about Kate Middleton being pregnant began as early as September 2011, appearing on websites such as “Gossip Cop.” All of this unconfirmed media buildup creates a sort of domino effect: to present, the watch for a royal baby is ongoing.

Through the haze of worldwide limelight, it’s easy to forget that Kate and William are a real married couple, who get to decide when to have a child. Succession definitely does not demand it, for Prince Charles of Wales is next in line, followed by William, then by Prince Harry of Wales. In fact, the official website of the British Monarch discusses succession with a list of the next 39 royal members in line for the throne.  

Of course a future child of William and Kate would receive precedence over Prince Harry and the remaining royals on the list, but with such a vast lineage, internal pressure for a royal baby is very low. Perhaps it’s time the media follow suit, stop the false tabloids and wait for an official announcement.

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