What’s Brackin Bardi?

What’s Brackin Bardi?

Everyone’s favorite Bronx Bombshell has been in some rough waters as of late. Cardi B’s latest Instagram post put her in the hot seat as she posted a picture on Instagram where the caption had her receiving death last week. Although she is known for her smash hits, most might not be familiar with her gang affiliation as Cardi is also known for being a Blood. The caption on her Instagram post referred to the color blue as “flue” which is seen as a diss to the opposing gang, the Crips.

Considering that both the Bloods and Crips originated in Los Angeles, otherwise know as the gang banging capital of United States, these two rival gangs have had bad Blood for many years. Although it has subsided due the time that has passed, the conflict is still there for the most part and Cardi’s deleted Instagram post touched a nerve. Cardi B’s Blood affiliation is not something that is well known about her. Although the Bloods are still relevant, it’s not something that she has to rely on to keep herself afloat in the world of music and pop culture. So for her to make this type of comment completely at random is alarming to me.

Sneaker Shopping guest and LA native, YG stepped in to support Cardi to make sure that she would be safe during NBA All-Star Weekend. Being from Compton (or Bompton, whatever floats your boat) he comes from a place of power in the West Coast to make the kind of statement that needed to be made in order to look out for his peers. YG is the only rapper to make it out the West Coast without Dre. Using these credentials his statement to a TMZ reporter “Hey, the homegirl straight. She get love from me" spoke wonders. Being that he’s a well-known blood himself, its only right that he lend Cardi some of his support especially since he let out a hearty  “Soo Woo” when he was asked about the situation and directed the cameras attention to the red lights on his SUV.

Since then, Cardi has deleted the caption in order to maintain her new image.

A sophomore english major attending Morehouse College from Bronx, New York

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