10 Tips to Finish the Semester Strong

The time between Thanksgiving Break and Winter Break can make or brake you. Finishing the semester strong is just as important as getting that strong start. Here are 10 tips to make sure you finish on a positive note:
  1. Refocus. Take the time to create a plan and "get your life together" before the madness of finals begins.
  2. Find the perfect study place. If you're anything like me, trying to get work done in my room is almost impossible. Whether it's the local Starbucks or a quiet space in the library, find the place with the least amount of distractions where you can stay focused.
  3. Get organized. Create a study plan and try your hardest to stick to it, especially during Reading Period. It's unrealistic to say that you're going to study all day everyday during that time so plan to study for 2-3 classes a day, using the rest of your time to manage your other obligations. 
  4. Take notes by hand. Writing notes down compared to typing or recording them increases your chances in remembering the material. Color code your notes and come back to them when it's time to study for your tests.
  5. Don't procrastinate. Devote an hour every night to reviewing notes, reading the textbook or getting ahead on future assignments. 
  6. Relax. Set aside time for some "me time" to prevent and control stress.
  7. Get enough sleep. I cannot stress this enough! On average, adults need at least 8 hours of sleep. However, college students tend to sleep two hours less than that. This can impair mental efficiency, which is the last thing needed during finals time.
  8. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Your professor's office hours are there for a reason. Don't be scared to pay them a visit to ask for help and get advice on how you need to perform to finish strong in their class. If you don't feel comfortable asking your professor, it's not too late to find a tutor. 
  9. Stay motivated. Reward yourself with study breaks and some of your favorite snacks.
  10. DON'Ts
    • Cram
    • Pull all nighters
    • Get distracted
    • Don't give up! You've worked super hard to get to this point, so don't stop now. Finish strong. Winter Break will be here before you know it!

Taylor Farmon is a junior attending Clark Atlanta University from Sacramento, CA. Majoring in marketing, Taylor plans to use her degree in a major fahsion and/or retail corporation. 

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