Winter Trends in Downtown SLO

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As soon as the chilly air hits and rain pours down, it seems like everyone throws away their style and opts for Cal Poly sweaters, jeans, and rain boots for class. While comfort and staying warm is definitely important during the colder months, looking lazy isn’t the way to go. Upgrade your style this winter to the top trends without sacrificing the warmth and comfort your Cal Poly sweater brings you.




Prints and Patterns. With winter comes gloomy days, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress in dark-colored clothing. Instead, embrace the colors you wore in the summer and wear great patterns. The fall 2012 runway during Fashion Week featured some really great prints and patterns that can be found in your favorite clothing stores; you just need to rock them. Though it may be winter, floral patterns are still huge so there’s no going wrong with floral printed leggings, jeans, or embroidered tops. Urban Outfitters located on Monterey Street has a huge selection of all the aforementioned, so there’s no doubt you’ll find a pattern that you love. 








Faux Fur. This season, faux fur has been upgraded from the fur-lined hoods of Hollister puffy jackets, to stylish faux fur-lined and accented coats, jackets and vests. Coverings on Higuera Street has a wide selection of faux fur-lined jackets and faux fur vests that are sure to keep you warm and looking great this season. Throw a faux fur vest over your favorite knit sweater for some extra warmth and style, or just simply pair a faux-fur coat over a lighter top. Special find at Coverings: faux fur vest with a knitted back – so cute! Lulu Luxe on Higuera St. also has a nice selection of fur coats and vests that are worth checking out. 


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