Expressing sexuality on the catwalk

By Jennifer Alas

Amidst all the studying as we approach dead week, a very special show came to Cal Poly, complete with lion tamers and mimes. No, we're not talking about the circus, but rather our very own Carnival Transgender Fashion Show. The show happened Friday, November 16, 2012.

The Pride Center and Gender Equity Center hosted this unique fashion show as a part of Transgender Awareness Week.

“Our message is that we want you to express yourself in a way that’s true to yourself. We know that everyone is different and we want to celebrate that and allow people to be comfortable in the Cal Poly community,” said Hayley Bauarschi. “It’s a way to represent the LBGTQ population and show we support them.”

Over 20 students strutted down the catwalk, all with unique costumes and talents. Ballerinas, acrobats, clowns, magicians, and even a cheetah tamer will participate. These students recognize different sexual orientations and gender identities, as they come together to perform and show support for the transgender community.

“I wanted to do the show because I’ve never done drag before and thought it would be fun, and I really want to support the trans community,” said sophomore mechanical engineer, Logan Cooper. “I’m most excited for the announcers, and for being the sexiest girl in my apartment.”

Recreation, Parks, Tourism, and Administration students, Sarah Torres, Sutton Morey, Hayler Bauarschi, Emily Serepiano and Alicia Cocks organized the show in support of Transgender Awareness Week.

The Transgender Fashion Show is the culmination of the Transgender Awareness Week events. The Pride Center held events throughout the past week which included a Transgender 101 workshop, a discussion with Dr. Elizabeth Meyer , a transgender information booth, and Queer People of Color Pageant.

“I’m excited for so many things but mostly I’m excited to see the audience’s reaction to our models,” said Bauarschi. “There’s so much variety it’s going to be an amazing show!”

The free event gave students a break from the books and an fun opportunity to engage in a cultural gathering that supports transgender awareness in our Cal Poly community.

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