If Blair Waldorf met Seth Cohen: Thanksgivukkah Edition

When Leighton Meester and Adam Brody announced their engagement last week, our love for their on-air characters had us more excited than when Blair finally married Chuck in Central Park. We even replayed the scene in our heads, replacing Chuck with not Lonely Boy, but our favorite O.C. nice boy, Seth Cohen. So what would happen if Blair Waldorf met Seth Cohen? Turns out, Thanksgivukkah was the perfect time for the King of mixing holidays (and inventor of Chrismukkah!) to meet Queen B herself.

When the Cohen’s announced they were jetting off to visit long lost family friends in New York for Thanksgivukkah, Seth was anything but pleased. The invention of Thanksgivukkah had thrown off his whole holiday routine already! And now he was supposed to come up with completely new decorations and somehow get them all the way to the Upper East Side?! As if the thought of having to celebrate Christmas the normal way wasn’t stressing him out enough already. 

Meanwhile, Blair was completely freaking out herself. Dorota was trying her best to keep Miss Blair calm, but it was no use. Cyrus was insisting on throwing this Thanksgivukkah party instead of having their traditional Thanksgiving dinner!

Turkey-shaped menorah in hand, Seth arrived at the Waldorf’s with a few requests. “I might not have created it, but Thanksgivukkah will be the second greatest holiday known to mankind. We’ll have pumpkin latkes, and Manischewitz with our turkey.”

And then it happened, Blair came down her winding staircase, putting her face to face with Seth Cohen. “Not another Dan Humphrey,” she said sticking up her nose and walking right past him.

Of course, Seth didn’t understand the reference, or Blair’s catty tone. He was too busy falling in love with her beauty from the start. Cohen sat right next to B; he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Blair was like his Upper East Side version of Summer, so she had to love him too, right?

Throughout dinner, Blair took every moment she could get to comment on Seth’s hair, outfit, manners, and attitude.  “Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to go kill myself. Or max out my credit card, whichever comes first,” she said, getting annoyed at his gaze. This could not be why Serena wants to leave NY for California, she thought.

“But Miss Blair, it’s the holidays,” Dorota begged Blair to stay. But in an instant, she was off. She couldn’t wait to tell Serena about this loser.

So will romance brew between Seth and Blair when they inevitably meet again? We think so! But Blair refuses to give in too easily. 

Rebecca Shinners is a Her Campus Chapter Advisor and Photo Intern/Freelancer at O, The Oprah Magazine. She graduated from Boston University in 2014 with a BS in Journalism and concentration in Photojournalism. She got her start in magazines writing for Her Campus and was previously an Editor for both Her Campus BU and Her Campus Tulane. Her work has also appeared in Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue, Bustle.com, Hamptons Magazine, and Newsday. When Rebecca isn't busy writing and taking pictures, she can be found shopping, petting puppies, wearing the color mint, and going to concerts.

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