Girl Power: Catherine Stein

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Walking through the basement of the GSU, just past the Terrier Card Office, you’ll see a room with comfy couches, event flyers, and books on topics ranging from non-fiction gender studies to fiction by authors like Judy Blume. It’s the Women’s Resource Center, a place for BU students concerned with women’s issues. 
Catherine Stein, CAS ’12, an International Relations major, took the time to describe her experiences with the Women’s Resource Center or the WRC. During the week, you can find her at the front desk, where she is available to answer questions about the center, information regarding women’s issues, and various events.
In discussing the WRC, it quickly becomes clear how meaningful the center is for Catherine. Speaking about her love for the center, Catherine says, “You can go in at any time of the day and find other like minded women who you can have political discussions with, talk about relationships with, chat about your day, a book, or really anything that you want.” The WRC brings together “women who share the same values and beliefs and are impassioned just like you are.” The WRC also provides a great outlet for helping others.
When asked what motivated her to join the Women’s Resource Center, Catherine points to her past experiences as a volunteer at a Women’s Center in her town. During her time there, she describes how after she heard the stories of victims of violence, she “wanted to be able to help these women to stand up for themselves.”
One of the ways that the WRC promotes awareness is through an event called Take Back the Night. To “show support for victims of rape… we march from Marsh Chapel to West Campus chanting and protesting against all forms of domestic violence” says Catherine, “We also have a circle…a sharing circle, where everyone lights a candle. Members step forward and share their stories. Nothing ever leaves the circle or is talked about.” This event has drawn support from many students at BU, and according to Catherine, this is the WRC’s “most powerful event.”
Other events at the center include guest lecturers, films, and even a Sex Toy Party. “Every semester we have someone come in from Good Vibes, which is the local sex toy shop and they discuss all different types of sex toys, vibrators, condoms, and other sexual paraphernalia and how they can be useful or pleasurable to women,” says Catherine. Unlike other events at the WRC, this event is limited to women.
Be sure to stop by the WRC when you have some free time. Even if there are no events going on at the moment, the center is a great place to relax, hang out with friends, and make new ones too.