3 Lazy Day Outfits

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We've all had a day, or week, where we're just too lazy to get dressed for class. Now for some people this means a chunky sweater and leggings as pants (NO!), while for others it may be sweatpants (the horror!). For me, it's usually black skinnies, black flats, and whatever shirt is the least wrinkly (chances are it's black too). Basically, I end up looking like the grim reaper! So here are some tips on how to avoid looking like a part-time ninja.

Outfit One:

Chunky sweaters are by far the comfiest piece of clothing and are perfect for a lazy fall day. Try picking a sweater in a neutral color so you don't have to worry about matching it with the rest of your outfit. Switch out your leggings for a pair of skinny jeans and add on some riding boots. Throw on an oversized watch to glam your look up a bit and you're good to go.

Sweater: H&M ($24), Jeans: American Eagle: ($40), Watch: Aldo ($40), Boots: Top Shop ($180)

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