How to Give the Perfect Gift on a Budget

Money, money, money. Nothing these days is ever cheap, and in college it's like funds are nonexistent. So how are you to celebrate holidays and birthdays? With a few easy steps, budgeting is possible.


Make a basket: making a basket of little birthday trinkets and treats, or holiday snacks, is an easy way to save money.

Cheap stores: Going to stores like Five Below, Marshalls and the Dollar Store are a cheap way to purchase more for less.


Save & Split: Saving money is always a good idea, ESPECIALLY when you know holidays/someone's birthday is coming up. Splitting the costs with your roommate(s), friends or even suite mates is an easy way to lower the burden on yourself.


Less is more: You don't need to buy a ton of items to show someone you care, or buy a ton of decorations that would probably go to waste- and it keeps the cost low!


Remember, it is possible to save money, and you can have fun doing it. Do what you can, and Happy Shopping!

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