Date Night: Under the Mistletoe


It’s cold, it’s sleeting, it’s exam time. Everything seems too much.  On the one hand, having a crazy night out might be the perfect way to drown your sorrow. On the other, you know that’s an awful idea. Exams and hangovers do not mix well.
Fear not.  When all seems lost, comfort can be found in a cozy, comfy date with your special someone. Need help planning your perfect evening? Here are the necessary components to ensure you have a perfect evening:

1. Food. Cooking together can make for a fun and funny start to your night. Whether your meal turns out well or inedible, working together will definitely be an experience. Hate to cook? Order in something new to try.
Check out this site for recipe ideas:
2. Drinks. A bottle or two of wine is always a great way to go for a date night in. Then again, it’s holiday time! Get in the spirit with some hard apple cider or spike some hot chocolate.  

3. Ambiance. Corny as it may sound, mood lighting really does help a night feel more romantic. Turn off the harsh overhead and instead use softer (and more flattering) lamplight. Want to go all out? Light lots of candles or eat under the soft glow of many Christmas lights.

4. Entertainment. Maybe it’s just me, but I think there is nothing cozier than snuggling up with festive drinks to a classic holiday movie. While “Love Actually” is a strong personal favorite, be democratic. Maybe your partner has a staunch preference for “The Grinch.”

Don’t forget that nerves are running high this time of year. Take a deep breath before biting anyone’s head off—you might just be cold and cranky. Good luck and have a great night.

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