Holiday Etiquette

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Some people don’t know how to properly dine at a Holiday feast, here are some tips….

Pass food at the table counterclockwise, or to the right.

Basic Table Setting:

  • Dinner Plate

  • Fork

  • Dinner Knife

  • Spoon

  • Napkin

  • Glass

  • Butter Knife

Informal Table Setting:

  • Dinner Plate

  • Salad Fork

  • Dinner Fork

  • Napkin

  • Dinner Knife

  • Teaspoon

  • Soup Spoon

  • Water Glass

  • Salad Plate

  • Bread Plate with Butter Knife

  • Coffee Cup and Saucer

Formal Table Setting:

  • Service Plate

  • Butter Plate

  • Dinner Fork

  • Fish Fork

  • Salad Fork

  • Dinner Knife

  • Fish Knife

  • Soup Spoon

  • Oyster Fork

  • Butter Knife

  • Napkin

  • Water Goblet

  • Red Wine Glass

  • White Wine Glass

  • Sherry Glass

How to make a Turkey Napkin:

  • To make the body; start with a dinner napkin completely unfolded.

  • Your napkin should look like a house.

  • Make a second fold to meet in the middle.

  • Your napkin should look like an Indian hut.

  • Make a third fold to meet in the middle.

  • Your napkin should look like a rocket.

  • Fold the napkin to form the body.

  • Your napkin should look like a row boat.

  • Fold tip down to create beak.

  • Your napkin should look like an origami swan when standing upright.

How to Form the Feathers:

  • Start with a dinner napkin folded or unfolded to form a long rectangle.

  • Fold the napkin accordion style from the shorter edge, leaving about three inches of napkin unfolded.

  • Turn the napkin over so the accordion portion faces down.

  • Fold in half.

  • Fold and tuck the unfolded portion of the napkin into the center accordion slot.

  • Your napkin should look like a geometric figure.

  • Place the accordion portion behind the neck of the turkey on top of the body.

Remember! A properly set table is the first step to an enjoyable Thanksgiving meal!

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