Meet Taku Harada '18

Taku Harada ‘18

Year: 2018

Major(s): BS/MS in Biochemistry

Minor(s): Legal Studies

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Her Campus: What’s the most memorable moment from this past summer?

Taku: My little sister came up to visit me. We went to go see a Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals game which was fun because I was born in St. Louis and she was born in Boston.

HC: You’re a member of the Brandeis Swim team, right? When did you start swimming and what has driven you to continue through college?

TH: Yes, I am a member of the Brandeis Swim team. I started swimming at the age of 8 and I continue swimming because I love the feeling when I look back at my progression and know that all the work to improve was put in (and so I can eat whatever I want and not worry).

HC: If you could swim in any body of water anywhere in the world, where would you want to?

TH: San Alfonso del Mar Resort pool. It is 20 acres and the world’s largest pool.

HC: If you had the opportunity to sit down with Michael Phelps, what’s the first thing you would say to him?

TH: I would ask him what was his favorite experience in the Olympic Village.

HC: What’s one thing on your senior year bucket list?

TH: Win the senior week kickball tournament.         


Fast Facts:

Favorite food – Vanilla Ice Cream

Favorite movie – The Sandlot

Favorite vacation spot – Cape Hatteras, NC

Usdan or Sherman – Sherman

Favorite class at Brandeis so far – Quantitative Approaches to Biochemical Systems or any class with Eli Levy


Brittany is a senior at Brandeis University. She loves looking for exciting new volunteer opportunities in and around her community, spreading school spirit working in Brandeis admissions, and sharing memories from her semester abroad in Denmark. In her free time, you might find her browsing Spotify for new music, scouting out hole-in-the-wall food joints, or face-timing with her eleven year old brother. Check her out on Instagram @britt_wolfe for snapshots of her life and if you're hungry, check out her foodstagram @diningonthedaily!

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