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Welcome Back BSU

Mom is in the kitchen making a delicious breakfast scrambled eggs, toast, turkey bacon and a tall glass of orange juice. As you lie in bed you can smell the sweet aroma arising from the kitchen creeping underneath your bedroom door. Your dad knocks on the door and says in a deep baritone but warm voice, "honey its time to wake up today is your first day back to school". Before you can answer your dad, your alarm clock goes off and you are no longer in a dream.

As you look around you begin to realize there is no sweet aroma from the kitchen, no parents, just a paid program infomercial playing on the television from the night before.  Although, a familiar place you suddenly snap back into reality. This place is not home, nor are you in high school. Climbing out of bed, rubbing your eyes yawning and stretching at first glance the clock reads 6:05 am, at second glance the clock reads 8:05 am. 

Reality has taken a place in your brain and in the midst of your clouded thoughts one relevant fact is identified, it is the beginning of spring semester 2012, and already you are 5 minutes late to an 8 am class.  In a bitter haze your mind still exists, while your body enters college student speed mode. Only take the important things you whisper to yourself, so you  grab your leggings, UGG boots, cardigan, earrings, bangles, and beanie and off to class you go. Of course you are now in class and realize you have no books, spiral notebook or a pen to write with.  Welcome back to school the first day of classes has officially begun. Happy Spring semester 2012, 1 week down and 15 left to go!!!!

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