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Finding the Balance

The semester is winding down and your friends want to party. You are torn and feel peer pressured into hanging out with them more than studying in the library. Your grades are decent but deep down inside you know that you are not doing your best and they could be much better.

As the clock is ticking down, the leaves are falling, and winter coats are brought from the back of the closet to the front, and the reality that fall semester is concluding is becoming more apparent. The problem is how do you stay true to the commitment of grades first fun later being a young adult without a parent, principal, or teacher watching over you?

In college the most important philosophy is to prioritize. Time management is an essential skill needed to be a successful college student and working professional. This is not a skill that will develop overnight while you slumber and dream. Time management and prioritizing is a learned skill trait that occurs after much practice.

Heed this advice, everything has a time and place. Although college is filled with memories of wild and crazy nights the one tangible memory with the most meaning will be your college degree. Do not get your priorities confused and trade study time for party time. The biggest party is the party called life and the decisions you make now will affect how long it lasts and how much fun your party will be. Study first party later!


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