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Word on the street is that Bowdoin College is full of prepsters, rocking the latest J. Crew fashions, with lots of pastels, clean cut lines, and classic style. However, Margot Howard ’13, begs to differ. Margot, the creator and editor of Bowdoin’s newest fashion blog, MargotFay: Style in the 3rd Dimension, says that she’s discovered a style beyond preppy; you just have to keep your eyes open for it. I sat down with her earlier this week to get the low-down on the real Bowdoin fashion, and her new blog.

Chelsea: So Margot, before you started writing this blog, what was your involvement/connection to fashion?
Margot: This is the first thing I’ve ever officially done. When I was in high school I was in a program called Pure Fashion, which encouraged teen girls to think about the way they dressed and encouraged sending a positive message and building self-confidence. There was also a modeling component and that’s when I really became interested in fashion. I think style is something you communicate about yourself; everyone has something to share about themselves. When I got to Bowdoin I enjoyed being able to wear whatever I wanted every day because I wore a uniform in high school; that’s when I really started to experiment with what I was wearing.

Chelsea: Okay so why did you want to do this blog?
Margot: First, I wanted something to help build my resume in a way that would allow me pursue something in media relations beyond Bowdoin. I’m currently interning with social media at Bowdoin College, and I was inspired to record Bowdoin’s style on campus because of the previous Bowdoin style blog, written by George Aumoithe ’11. I wanted to bring the blog back. Holly (in communications) helped me start the blog because she had a background in web design, and then I just started snapping pictures.

(Below, Talia '16 as featured on Howard's blog)

Chelsea: So what exactly is your vision for the blog?
Margot: I think of the blog as good practice for talking about fashion, learning about fashion, and exploring personal style. Ultimately I’d like to see more non-Bowdoin features. When I visited Notre Dame I did a couple features there, and I’m excited to see what lies beyond Bowdoin. I would also like to include an element where I could find items that are inspired by things I see on campus, and tell people where they can buy them for reasonable prices. After I graduate, I definitely hope to leave the blog in good hands.

Chelsea: What do you think defines Bowdoin style?
Margot: That’s funny because that’s one of the questions I usually ask people I feature. A lot of people say “oh its so preppy” but I don’t think that’s all there is-Bowdoin brings people from all over. There could be someone from New York City that likes clean lines and black or someone who was just abroad and interpreted the style there and now brings it back to campus and adds their own twist. I think Bowdoin style is more eclectic than people give it credit for. I’m inspired by people’s outfits here; I’ll see someone biking by and see navy blue on a yellow bike and I’m inspired…I think that there’s absolutely a unique style when you look for it on campus.

Chelsea: Are there any particular challenges you’ve faced with the blog?
Margot: Anything technical. It’s a skill I’m trying to learn as the year progresses and I’m trying to make myself more employable, so that’s been tough. Also just trying to get the word out there because a blog is useless if no one is reading it.

Chelsea: What would you say have been the most rewarding moments?
Margot: Just being able to talk to new people because I’m a shy person and you know it’s hard to break out of your friend group as a senior. Now I can just go up to someone and say “hey I really like your outfit can I take a picture…” Just making new friends and getting to know new people is really rewarding.

Chelsea: What’s your dream job after Bowdoin?
Margot: Of all the magazines I really like InStyle because it doesn’t underestimate the reader’s ability to recognize new trends. I’m kind of trying to write my blog in that style, so I’d love to write for InStyle after Bowdoin, and there are Bowdoin alumni that work for Time Inc. that might be able to help me out, so that would be my dream job for sure.

Chelsea: How do you think your background coming from Atlanta, influences your style?
Margot: In the South things are dressed to the nines. You do your hair, you do your makeup, you wear your sundress every day, so I came to Bowdoin, you know, and I still do my hair every day and my make up, and I like doing everyone’s hair and makeup before parties. I’ve liked watching my styles evolve. In the South it’s more classic and preppy, and now there are some northern elements, some city elements, more edginess, so it’s interesting to see how those elements comes together.

Chelsea: What does a classic Margot outfit include?
Margot: Jeans, cool boots, and a top and a scarf and a jacket and that’s my uniform

Chelsea: Favorite place to shop:
Margot: BCBG, H&M if I have the patience for it, I love ALDO shoes, I get all of my jeans at American Eagle, and I always find great things at Target. And thrift stores!

Chelsea: Any final thoughts, or take home messages?
Margot: I like working on the blog just because its made me less of a judge of other people’s style and more just wanting to see wear their style comes from.


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