How To Make An Effective To-Do list

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Ever feel overwhelmed? Yeah, me too. But to-do lists help greatly! Here’s my method of making a very effective to-do list that will cut the BS and help you get things done!

Step One: Write Your To-Do List

Get all those tasks out of your head and onto paper!

Step 2: Write the date that these tasks need to be done by/ the due date

Step 3: Write the amount of time you think each task will take (always over-estimate the time)

Step 4: Based on the due date and the amount of time each item will take, prioritize the items with an A, B, or C

A = urgently need to get done

B = important, but can wait

C = can wait a while before it has to get done

Step 5: Number the list. Most important A1, second most important A2, etc. until every task in your list is prioritized

Step 6: Re-write your to-do list in order from most important to least important (aka the order in which the items need to get done

Step 7: Get it done!

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