What Finals Season Really Feels LIke

Finals season is rapidly approaching and stresses are literally higher than ever... this is what we all think during the weeks leading up to the end of a busy semester


1. Denial. Nope, the school year is not over... we don't have to take exams... allergies don't exist... it's all fun and games... don't even think about exams

2. Laughing at all the work you have to do before finals. *laughs* how will we even have the energy to do finals if we have this much to do beforehand?!?!

3. worrying (a lot) about how you cannot afford to do poorly on some exams...but then realizing it really isn't plausible to count on getting 100% on them

4. Feeling super negative about everything. There are not positives... just a lot of coffee 

5. BUT at the end, we look forward to that awesome feeling of finishing your last exam... 














Nursing student at BC who loves coffee, country music, the state of Maryland, and anything pink.

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