5 Ways to Do Something Good this Thanksgiving

First, Happy Thanksgiving! 

With the holiday season in full effect, many of us sit on our laptops browsing through websites for things we don’t need. Let’s be honest, do we really need anything new right now?

For many of us, the answer is no.

In an age of consumerism and unhealthy amounts of online shopping, here are 10 ways you can give back this Thanksgiving!


1. Donate non-perishable foods to a local food bank/ pantry.

While our fridges may be overflowing with leftovers, donating those few extra boxes of pasta and unopened stuffing can really make a difference!’


2. Donate to charity!

Monetary contributions make a huge difference when donating to a larger organization. If you want to donate to your local food bank or your friend’s Facebook fundraiser, making a difference takes on many different forms.


3. Volunteer Your Time

Take some time before your food coma to help serve meals at a local center! A smile and a positive attitude can go a long way.


4. Start a Winter Clothing Drive

There is a significantly large homeless population in the US. Many go hungry and suffer from frostbite each year. Ask your family and friends who are joining you for the holidays to bring articles of clothing they are not using to donate to a local shelter!

5. Remind Your friends to Do GOOD!

In addition to doing good, spread the knowledge about doing good! One of my favorite sites for taking action, DoSomething.org, is currently having a campaign for Defending Dreamers. Tell your fam & friends all about this campaign and more found on their site!  

Tell us how you will DO Something good this holiday season on our social media!




Vanessa is a senior at Boston College studying Economics and Communications. She is proud to be the Campus Correspondent of Her Campus at Boston College!





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