Best Scary Movies to Watch in October

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As Halloween quickly approaches, it’s time to sit down and watch some of the best Halloween movies available today.


This classic Stephen King movie is a must see. It has all the components of an amazing film, it features a great cast, comedic relief, and a ton of scary scenes. Pennywise is a truly terrifying clown and this 2017 adaptation makes him even more unpredictable. Go out and catch this film in theaters.

The Conjuring

Everyone loves a good demon poses human movie and this is the best yet. It follows paranormal investigators Lorraine and Ed Warren helping a family being terrorized in their farmhouse. This film has the perfect amount of scenes that frighten you to your core and make you jump out of your seat.

Paranormal Activity franchise

All of the Paranormal Activity movies are perfect to binge this October. These movies have a buildup of scary situations that happen throughout the film. At first, it will be objects moving around and then people being dragged across the room by an unseen figure. This build is the perfect recipe for a paranormal film.

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