Our Favorite Pieces from the Tommy Hilfiger x Gigi Hadid Collection

Living in New York City  has provided our chapter with so many opportunities. A few weeks ago, we were fortunate enough to go to the Tommy Hilfiger store to view the newest collection and participate in the interactive shopping party!

During the past year, we've definitely eyed a few of the clothing pieces from the new Tommy x Gigi collection. His clothing has been so popular this year, and I’m sure the popularity will continue over to the next.

The new collection features the typical staple colors, red and navy. I’m a huge fan of those two colors, so I really enjoyed seeing the mixing of the two colors in the collection. Red plaid was also heavily featured in the collection. I tried on a pair of jeans with red plaid patches on the pockets, and I thought it was such a unique detail. I also got the chance to try on this jean jacket that had a huge letter ‘H” on the back made from red plaid patches. I would have to call that jacket my favorite piece of clothing in the collection.

Gigi Hadid’s name was branded on a lot of the clothing items and accessories; I could definitely see this and anything with Gigi's name becoming a huge trend. I've been following Gigi and her journey as a model for a few years now and I was so stoked when she got her first partnership with Tommy; the collections have grown each time and I love them more and more. Overall, there were amazing staple pieces that really shined in the collection. Thank you to the Tommy Hilfiger store for having our chapter!

Here are our favorite Tommy staples:

1- Gigi Hadid Striped Crop Cardigan

2- Tommy Velvet Keyhole

3- Tommy Plaid Pocket Skirt

4- Gigi Box Clutch Trunk

5- Tommy Velvet Block Heeled Boot


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