How to Spend Your Fall Break

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One pro of attending a school on trimesters is the breaks after each term. The downfall to this is that these breaks don’t overlap with other schools’ so reconnecting with non-Augie pals can be difficult. That doesn’t mean you can’t utilize your break for a good time. Use this week for yourself!

1. Treat yourself

Go to Target. Take yourself on a Portillos date. Reward yourself for working hard this past term. Or at least reward yourself for finishing the term.

2. Start a new book or TV series

Because you didn’t have the time during the term, so go knock yourself out. Go to the library and check out a few books. Check out that Netflix lineup. Get a head start before Winter Term starts.

3. Arts and Crafts

Pop open Pinterest and find things to make. Go to Michaels’ or Hobby Lobby and get some supplies. Paint a canvas. Color pages in a coloring book. Invest in a tie-dye kit and dye some shirts. If you’re going start a project, it should be now.

4. Relax

There’s nothing wrong with sleeping in or napping every day. Just take it easy this week; you did your best this term. You earned this break.

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