Three Boone Restaurants You Need to Know

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Whether you’ve lived here for three months or three years, everyone has a favorite local restaurant that is relied on for birthday dinners, family visits, and game-day lunches. While it is always important to have tried and true preferences, Boone has perhaps one of the best small-town food resumes in North Carolina. Most of us are here for four years, some for even longer than that, which means you have more than enough time to take advantage of all the mouth-watering locales that surround ASU’s campus. This by no means suggests that you give up your perfect attendance record at Macado’s wing night or the Saloon’s Taco Tuesday, but gives you a few new destinations to add to your list of go-to places in Boone.

1. The restaurant you’ve seen and heard about but haven’t gotten around to trying yet: Hot “Diggidy” Dog
Student-owned and located right across from the Turchin Arts Center on King Street, Hot “Diggidy” Dog offers fast, dependable classics with a state fair spin. Try a grilled burger topped with chili and slaw, made in-house, with a focus on using as many local ingredients as possible—you won’t be disappointed.

However, perhaps the most distinct reason that Hot “Diggidy” Dog deserves your regular business is simple: their deep fried staples, better than the NC State Fair itself. It sounds blasphemous, yet I can safely assure you that after trying both (multiple times) the thin, crispy batter that surrounds each Oreo at Hot “Diggidy” Dog and the doughy, thick radius of batter covering the state fair version, Hot “Diggidy” Dog’s is infinitely better. Also on the menu are deep fried oatmeal crème pies, which may not have been your favorite growing up, but completely deserve the second chance.

For the even more daring eaters, a burger with glazed donuts for buns and a deep fried hot dog wrapped in bacon are also options, along with a highly intimidating eating challenge, “Devin’s Deathburger.” Late night hours are offered for the bar crowd, but really, burgers and deep fried desserts taste good at any time of day.


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