Small Ways to Save Money as a Student at Appalachian State

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Forget that pack of ramen noodles and staying in on the weekends. Aside from clipping coupons (although that can be helpful), here are some small ways you can save money while being an Appalachian student.
1. Use your App card!

Your App card can be utilized for more than your meal plan. It can be used off campus as well. Most, if not all, local businesses offer student discounts – all you have to do is ask! You can receive 10-20 percent just by showing your student ID and voila, instant savings. Stores range from J. Crew, Banana Republic, Earthfare to Stick Boy Bread Company.
2. Bring your own mug or thermos

Coffee takes precedent over any friendships we have in college because most of us can’t function without it. Truth is – it can get costly. Even though the cheapest way to have coffee is to make your own, you can still save money by bringing your own mug or thermos to the coffee shop. By providing your own, Boone coffee shops such as Wired Scholar, Espresso News or Crossroads will fill up your thermos (no matter the size) and charge you for the smallest size they offer. You’re not only saving money, but also getting more bang for your buck. Panera Bread also offers free refills if you order coffee in a mug. Plus, it’s eco-friendly.
3. Stay on campus

Staying on campus has its perks. There is almost always something happening on campus whether it’s a gallery opening at the Turchin Art Center, $1 movies or other various relatively cheap events. Appalachian Popular Programming Society (APPS) is a student-led program that plans campus activities such as movies, free events, concerts and more. One of their popular activities is the $1 movie. With two theatres on campus (I.G. Greer Cinema and Greenbriar Theater), there are screenings several times a week. Check out their website for the schedule and times. Be sure to hit up their concessions stand too. It’s guaranteed their prices are not of your typical theater. When you buy a $5 bucket of popcorn, reuse it each time you go to an APPS movie for just $1!
Other than APPS, be sure to check out the Appalachian homepage for other events and read your email! They are always sending reminders about upcoming events.
4. Wednesday is the new Friday

Spice up your “middle-of-the-week-blues” by enjoying Boone on Wednesday! Some favorite inexpensive activities include “Waffle Cone Wednesday” at TCBY, where you pick any ice cream in a waffle cone for $1! After ice cream (or before), head over to Boone Bowling for $1 games. Can’t beat that.
Boone Deals is also a great tool to stay updated on daily Boone specials. You can stay up-to-date with their Facebook or Twitter page about daily specials local businesses have.


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