NouN: AppState's Own Improv Comedy Group

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In need of a good time? A good laugh? Well, with the hundreds of clubs on campus, did you know that Appalachian has their own improv comedy group that's been around for the past decade? Improv is short for improvisation where the comedians make up stuff right on the spot with suggestions from the audience. Absolutely no scripts or rehearsed scenes, just an engaging comedy show.
Here is an interview with one of NouN’s members, Seth Flagg.
Q: What is the meaning behind the name NouN?
A:NouN's name doesn't have a meaning. It is just a word that's easily related to improv comedy because of the associations of asking audience members for prompts to start improv scenes. (“Can I get an example of a noun?”) 

 NouNQ: What is your personal favorite improv game?
A: I have two favorite Improv games, "Styles Replay," where a scene is performed and then repeated in various different genres, as a Noir crime film, or as a cooking show, or as a Dadaist painting.
Q: Do you all have any crazy pre-show rituals?
A:We are legally bound not to disclose our pre-show rituals, but if you've seen "Fatal Attraction" you have a pretty good idea of what's going on.
Q: I know NouN has a ritual at your shows for seniors graduating, can you explain it? Where did it root from?
A: We have a special game called “Ice 151,” in which three of our oldest members act out a scene onstage in pairs, while the third member keeps their head in a bucket full of ice-water until they can come back onstage.
Q: What are some of NouN's inspirations?
A: NouN is heavily inspired by the works of Faulkner, Chopin, and Eminem.
Q: What should we look forward to from NouN this semester?
A: NouN has a show in Legends on April 4th this semester, with many more shows before, that are in and around campus, including a show at Greer at a time TBD and a performance at the North Carolina Comedy Arts Festival in Carrboro.
Q: Anything else you'd like to add?
A: NouN's open practices are Mondays from 6:30 to 8:30 in Chapel Wilson 105. Anyone even a little bit interested in comedy should join us to improv and have a good time.

Be sure to check out their Facebook to stay up-to-date with shows on and off campus. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of school to watch a hilarious-I-can’t-breathe-falling-off-my-chair laughter and yes, I do speak from experience.


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