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New Ways To Enjoy Nutella

Posted Feb 1 2013 - 3:41pm

Nutella: Don’t we all love it? We stock pile it in our pantries and just can’t get enough of it.  Maybe you slather it all over your morning toast, or eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon.  However, there are a million other ways to sneak some of this delicious spread into food and drinks you consume on a daily basis.  While it’s not the healthiest food on the planet, a dollop here and there won’t kill you….  I am all about finding news ways to enjoy Nutella, so a little experimentation has led me to these delicious new combos. Enjoy!


I dare say this life-saving beverage is a staple in most every college student’s diet, especially if you have an 8 a.m. class like me.  While I’m perfectly satisfied with a simple cup of drip coffee, I’m always up for a little pizzazz in my morning cup of joe.  To spice things up, skip your traditional creamer and stir a spoonful of Nutella into your coffee. The heat of the coffee will melt the Nutella and soon you’ll have a creamy, chocolate hazelnut coffee treat!  It tastes just like the hot mochas we all love, with a little hint of hazelnut goodness.

Grilled Nutella

Panini meets French toast in this tempting combination.  First, follow your traditional French toast recipe.  Mix the batter, dip the bread, and so on.  When the bread is nearly done cooking, slather a big spoonful of Nutella on one slice of the French toast and then place the other slice on top, just like a grilled cheese.  If you want to get extra fancy, add some sliced strawberries, bananas, or almonds. Dessert and breakfast all in one!


If you love Fudgesicles, this will knock your socks off. This is also probably the easiest recipe I have ever heard of. Mix ⅓ cup of Nutella with 1 cup of cold milk, whatever kind you like.  I use skim milk to cut some of the calories and fat.  After the ingredients are combined and the mixture is smooth, pour the batter into popsicle molds.  Freeze for a few hours and voilà! Creamy Nutella pops at your fingers.  (This recipe makes six servings.)


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