The Lowdown on Guy's Style at ASU

Ever wondered how guys choose their outfits in the morning? Do they have a style and stick to it? For us girls, it can take middle school, high school, and college to come close to defining our style. But do guys face the same problem? Well, here is a quick ASU fashion lowdown on specific Men's style, what guys love to see on girls, and what we love to see on them! 

Chris Garner ‘12

Q: How do you define your style?
A: I think I have a pretty well rounded style. I love wearing khakis and a polo and doing the "frat" look, then I also don't mind wearing a t-shirt and keeping it simple. You'll see me dressed up one day and then in sweats the next. For me it's how I feel each day that determines my style.

Q: What is your favorite thing to see on a girl?
A: They don't have to wear anything fancy to impress me. Seeing a girl in jeans and a shirt is good with me. My favorite look for a girl is the athletic look though; leggings or just workout clothes will make my head turn.
What girls want to see on the preppy guy: Girls love a preppy guy in Polo shirts, button-ups, and khakis. It’s all about looking like slick and southern. Throw on a bow tie or some croakies, and this look will reach perfection. We like him to be kickin’ it in Wallabies or Sperry topsiders and looking sharp in brands like Vineyard Vines and Southern Tide.
Name: Jared Auten ‘12

Q: How do you define your style?
Well, if I musthazard a definition, I would say my style is alternative to some degree. “Comfort-ability” is also important to me. I’m not choosy when it comes to picking out what clothes to wear. Most mornings I just pick my jeans up from the floor and grab any shirt from my dresser.

Q: What is your favorite thing to see on a girl?
In terms of style, I guess I like girls with that sort of Boho-artsy look, though not affectedly so.  I think it's attractive when a girl dresses well, so long as she isn't the type to invest an excessive amount of energy into her appearance -- I feellike girls of that sort generally aren't very interesting to talk to.
What girls want to see on an artsy/musical guy: Other than their cool and collected personality, we want these guys to be comfortable with an edge. We like artsy/musician men to wear fitted clothing, (but not too fitted if you know what I mean), and have an effortless “just rolled out of the bed” style but somehow still put together. Style influences could include Urban Outfitters to the local thrift store. Bonus points added for glasses, messier hair, vintage clothing and wearing clothes that a girlfriend could potentially borrow.
Name: Evan Rankin ‘13

Q: How do you define your style?
A: Clean cut and casual
Q: What is your favorite thing to see on a girl?
A: Keds or low top Chuck Taylors
What girls want to see on the intellectual guy:When looking for the intellectual type, us girls like to see your smarts in your style! Thick-rimmed glasses and fitted dark jeans are always a good option. We also love to see patterned sweaters, button up shirts, and canvas shoes.  We want you to put the “stud” in studious!


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