The Do's and Don'ts of Winter Break

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Do catch up with old friends.
Let’s face it - we all don’t have the time during the school year to keep up with our old friends at home. Make sure to set some time aside for them to keep those friendships alive. Plan a reunion for New Year’s Day or a group dinner. Either way, it’s important to stay updated with your old friends. We can’t depend solely on their Facebook statuses and Twitter updates.

Don’t catch up with your ex(es).
Just don’t. It’s that simple. Sometimes it’s just better to leave things the way they are than to try and catch up. I know you’re curious about what’s been going on in their lives, but that’s what Facebook stalking is for! Seeing them may spark some old feelings and alter the reality of the situation. They are called exes for a reason. Don’t bring the extra baggage back to school.

Do splurge on something for yourself.
You worked hard this semester and you splurged on everyone on your Christmas list, so why not give yourself a pat on a back, a break, and a present? Had your eye on that dress from the display window? You earned it, so buy it! Just don’t overindulge.

Don’t spend all your gift cards (from holiday presents) at one time.
Since we’re getting older, most of our presents may be gift cards. Even though you may be tempted to spend them all at once on your first visit to an actual mall (Boone Mall does not count), save them for different occasions. Sometimes we just buy things for the sake of buying, so don’t do that with your gift cards! Save them for something you really want.
Do get sleep.
Even though this is an obvious one, many of us still don’t get enough sleep over break. All of our friends are home on break too and we want to accomplish everything on our to-do-during-break list that we knock off sleep. Get the full eight hours. You’ll want to feel rejuvenated when you come back from break!


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