Aaron Simpson From The New River Boys

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Name: Aaron Simpson
Age: 21
Year: Senior
Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Guy Playing InstrumentQ: How did you all meet and how did the band eventually come to be?
A: In 2008 Andrew Jacobs and I were both on craigs list when they spotted a Cello-playing ginger on DISCOUNT. They took out a loan and bought him for $300,000 and then started The New River Boys in order to pay back that loan.
Real Answer: We were all part of an elite military task force that specialized in interpretive dance and musicals and we are currently on a mission.
No but really: I met Andrew and Everett at a knitting interest group that I started. We became best of friends and decided to start playing music in order to fund our knitting addiction
Seriously? On a snowy day in Boone, we all found ourselves in Frank Dorm for one reason or another. Andrew started playing us some of his music he had written and Everett and I joined in. We became instantly famous and started touring with Beyonce the next week.
Q: What roles does each person play within the group? Other than playing your respective instruments.
A: Andrew Jacobs serves as the president, secretary and over all responsible individual, without whom… nothing would get done. He also cooks a GREAT Chicken Thai Curry. (Andrew is the responsible one)
Everett is a Ginger magician who conjures up spells of good fortune for the band while also practicing some Voodoo on the side. (Everett is the expert musician)

I spend my time acquiring secondary forms of income by selling my prized origami figurines. (I charm the audience with my somewhat true tales.)
Q: What are some of your favorite things about performing on a college campus?
A: I think as a band we love the energy that only a college crowd can bring. People are really eager to come out and support us at local shows and it's always encouraging. Personally, I love the Appalachian State women…