15 Riverdale Gifs for the Thirsty Fan in All Of Us

You're either #TeamArchie or #TeamJughead, but we just want to make that choice a little harder. So, in honor of the Season 2 premiere, here are 15 gifs of our two favorite Riverdale heartthrobs! (With a few other's tossed in for good measure!) 

1) Archie Andrews: The boy next door we all wish we grew up beside.

2) Cody... I mean...Jughead Jones The weird boy we're all obsessed with 

3) Come on... look at the smile... a babe for sure

4) You are and we LOVE you for it.

5) Blessss my sweet soul

Then you remember what they're talking about and you're like...meh

6) Low key wishing I could do that with his hair... which is way more luxurious than mine....

7) A win because B & V make this one (and everything) even better.

8) Oh look....a group shot *faints*

How are ALL of the men on this show so beautiful though?

9) You're dang right there is Juggy

10) Seriously could he be any more adorable

I don't know if y'all know this or not, but KJ Apa is actually from New Zealand so his accent makes him basically perfect.

11) No matter what team you are you cant help but love them both...

12) So are you #TeamJughead

13) Or #TeamArchie

14) Or are you actually more #TeamB&V?

The ultimate plot twist. 

15) Can't decide? Neither can we! But here's actual footage of what we look like looking around for how they found such beautiful people for this show


But we can all agree on one thing. We will all be watching the Riverdale Season Premiere tonight on The CW. See you at Pop's!


All gifs from Giphy.com

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