Official Mascot Declared: Ams Mams!


Amherst College's Mascot is OFFICIALLY the Mammoths! 

What a perfect way to start off Homecoming Week!

Click here to read New York Times' article that covered our "drop" of Lord Jeff as mascot.


To celebrate, students, faculty, staff, and visiting alumni were invited to the party on the Quad which included a bonfire, DJ and lit tunes, food, beverage,

FREE T-SHIRTS with our new already beloved mascot, and networking/fun times! That being said, if you are an Amherst College Student and haven't picked up your shirt, take your ticket (which should have been in your mailbox on Friday) and go to downstairs Keefe to redeem you shirt.


I can honestly say I have never had so much school spirit in MY LIFE!


Click here to see a video and get some visuals of the moments, bonfire, and BEAUTIFUL Mammoth reveal.


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