Your Residence Halls as Pop Songs

Anderson Hall

“Turn Down for What” DJ Snake & Lil Jon

Because Anderson is a freshmen hall, it always seems super fun and exciting during move-in and in the following weeks. As the semester continues, the freshman who were once entranced by Anderson’s power will soon come to realize that it’s not as nice as they once thought. Excitement and general shenanigans will quickly turn to apathy and disgust…not unlike the reaction to hearing Lil Jon’s voice for more than a few seconds.


Letts Hall

“Fancy” Iggy Azelia

Moving onto another freshmen hall, which will always have a special place in my heart, Letts. Now, I lived in Letts pre-reno (for those of you who aren’t seniors, it’s too horrible to even picture). Despite it’s fancy makeover, Letts Hall remains janky at its very core. From the parade of biddies marching through the LA Quad to Bender in the tunnel, waiting for sketchy rides to frat parties…to the many students forced to live in the infamous Sky Lounge due to overcrowding, Letts keeps it real...or at least tries to.


Centennial Hall

“Let Her Go” Passenger

I’m throwing Centennial Hall in here before I forget, because let’s face it, no one really remembers that it is its own dorm anyway. Aside from housing The Perch, Centennial is almost a forgotten jewel. Nearly impossible to locate from its exterior, Centennial can be equated to Atlantis, which is why “Let Her Go” is the perfect fit for this hall. Upon first listening to “Let Her Go” we all liked it well enough, but now that’s its no longer played incessantly on the radio, do we miss it? No. No, we don’t, but it is a nice song, and we’ll give it that.


Clark Hall & Roper Hall

“All About that Base” Meghan Trainor

If you’re wondering what those two little buildings next to the what may at what one time have been a koi pond are, they are Clark and Roper Halls. Both have a special focus on social justice—which is why they’re basically the same hall in different buildings in my mind. Because “All About that Base” slightly delves into body image issues, I’ll give it to Clark and Roper.


McDowell Hall

“Maps” Maroon 5

Moving onto McDowell—comprised primarily of sophomores—McDo alum have matured slightly more from their freshman year, but still have that same fighting spirit. Not unlike Maroon 5, McDowell has those classic elements we’ve come to love and really appreciate…Maroon 5 with their signature jazzy piano style (Sunday Morning, anyone?) and McDowell with it’s strange, yet intriguing connecting lounges, but with age, each DOES NOT get better.


Leonard Hall

“Stay with Me” Sam Smith

Now, again I am totally allowed to make the following statements having also lived in Leonard during my sophomore year. Leonard is an abyss. It is comparable to a somewhat cozy cave that is nearly impossible to leave. Keep in mind, my feelings toward Leonard may be slightly tainted by experiencing Hurricane Sandy from behind its murky curtains. Leonard isn’t all bad, though. I credit Leonard with the excellent calf definition I earned by walking up the amphitheater everyday.


Hughes Hall

“Shake it Off” Taylor Swift

Hughes is a dorm with what we’ll call an interesting mix of residents, but it certainly has charm. Like “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift, I can see Hughes kids attempting to formulate their own raps and attempt to weave them “seamlessly” into the songs that are their lives.


Cassell Hall

“Sky Full of Stars” Coldplay

Having lived in Cassell during its ongoing construction period, I can say with authority that it turned out very nicely. Cassell is the kind of hall that upperclassmen tend to live in to feel a sense of independence while still remaining on AU’s phsycial campus. If furnished correctly, Cassell residents can look forward to many cozy and fun-filled nights with friends, as the suites are a perfect place to host feminist pow wows and all that fun stuff. It is a dreamy and mystical hall, but there are some setbacks…just like with Coldplay. In Cassell, you can’t trust the thermostats to listen to you. Don’t be fooled, they are locked because we are Green Eagles. Such is the case with Coldplay. You can’t trust Chris Martin because he is now dating Jennifer Lawrence, who is 13 years younger than him. (Age isn’t just a number.)


Nebraska Hall

“My Song 5 (feat. A$AP Ferg)” HAIM

Nebraska is for sure one of the chillest halls at American. Because it is made up of mostly seniors who have more or less figured out how to navigate their time at AU, they tend to spend it how they like. For these reasons, Nebraska Hall is of course a HAIM song, but a HAIM song with edge. Nebraska Hall is the hip aunt of all of the other halls.

What song fits your residence hall? Comment below!

Current senior in the School of Communications, chia seed enthusiast, and aspiring television writer.

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