How to Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

When leaving for college, collegiettes are usually dealing with the same handful of issues. From something as simple to choosing which comforter you want your twin bed to sport to saying goodbye to your best friend, every college student deals with similar problems and worries. Although many are similar, there is one unique issue that only a select few of us are dealing with: being in long-distance relationships.
When hearing of a long distance relationship, anxiety and stress levels skyrocket. “Will it work? Is it worth it? Am I going to miss out?” The answers to
these typical questions vary based on the relationship. It is up to the couple to answer these questions, making sure to be completely open about any worries and concerns.
Coming in as a college freshman, I was lucky to have some long distance experience under my belt. I met my boyfriend the year before my senior year in high school. The unfortunate part of that situation was that I went to boarding school and he was in college. Going off to my senior year, we took things slow and attempted to work through it. November break came around, and we made it official.
I am more than grateful that my situation has worked out great so far; however, there are many relationships that come home for this short hiatus and
realize that all of the stress and constant worrying isn’t worth the time. Any student that goes off to college in a happy and healthy relationship should want to put in the time and effort that is necessary. There are steps that needed to be taken to have a healthy and successful relationship, and if you put in the effort, there is nothing that can stop you two!
Here are some tips to keeping a relationship strong:
1. Compare your schedules.
See what times will work best to talk. A quick 10-minute chat between classes to discuss your frustrating professor or possible exam anxiety can really go a long way! Also, it’s beneficial in seeing what classes your partner is taking. By knowing his or her schedule, you can ask specific questions about certain classes! It will make your partner feel greatly appreciated. 
2. Download Skype ASAP.
Skype is such a helpful way of communicating with your boyfriend or girlfriend. At night, you can do homework Skypes where
you help each other out or simply do homework with each other. It will feel like the other person is right in the room! Also, if you feel like not going out
one night, ask your partner to join you and have a Skype date. Coordinate what each of you will be having for dinner, and then choose a movie to watch
together. Although not as romantic as actual dates are, they can be pretty fun.
3. Be honest.
Being a long distance veteran, I know from experience that there is no point in attempting to hide something from your boyfriend or girlfriend. Eventually, he or she may find out, and the fact that you have been hiding something can cause more tension than necessary. If you tell your partner the honest truth, he may be frustrated but will likely be more grateful that you told the truth. If you are nervous to tell your partner about something that you have done, then honestly, you probably shouldn’t have done it in the first place!
4. Trust your partner.
There is nothing worse than lying in bed at night thinking what your boyfriend or girlfriend may be doing. Stop right there.
If you are experiencing this, you need to confront your partner right away. The only way for this relationship to succeed, is trusting your partner. How are you going to stay together if the other person is cheating or if you think that they’re lying about where they really are? If you feel anxious about something, say so. It will be much better to clear the air before something drastic occurs.
5. Plan visits.
Once you get settled into school, schedule a Skype date or a phone call and pull out your schedules. Comparing schedules will not only be fun for you two, it’ll also give you something to look forward to. Make sure that you are not visiting each other to frequently. You want to be able to adjust to your own school. You did pick this school for a reason, and you have to make it your own before you have your partner coming to you or you leaving to visit. The best feeling is knowing that your partner is coming in just a couple of weeks.
Being in a long-distance relationship may seem tricky; however, it is an extremely rewarding situation that makes you adore your partner even more. Coming back after a night out with friends and being able to gossip with your partner is a great feeling. They are outsiders of the situations, so they can give great advice! Coming back to your room at night and knowing that you’re going to pick up the phone and speak to someone who adores you is an incomparable feeling that no one should want to trade out. If you’re feeling lost, speak up. It’ll be worth it in the long run!

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