Letting Love In

Love is something we are all searching for. Self-love or romantic love, there is no comparable feeling. It can be a challenge to find love from within when consumed by doubt and negative thoughts. Disbelief or self-skepticism bring about questions like “Am I capable of loving?” Struggling with self-confidence can hinder one’s overall well-being. If I can’t love myself, who else is going to love me? It is easy to sit around and pick at the imperfections, but it takes true strength to empower ourselves. Listen to the things that your loved ones are saying. Family and true friends always have your best intentions and can easily identify the positive things about you. It is easy to turn a blind eye or forget to embrace the accomplishments or efforts you have put in.

Trust goes hand in hand with love. Letting that new person into your world and secure space takes faith. With little assurance or security, remember it is okay to take the jump. Explore with them and find where emotions can take you. Share with them your deepest secrets, your fears, and your dreams. Good things can come about when we let go of fears and insecurities. While the process is easier said than done, stop holding yourself back. Be proud of yourself for getting the B+, it is okay if you did not work out today, and don’t forget to treat yourself. It can feel just as good to give a compliment as it is to receive one. Life is a series of chain reactions; give at least one compliment a day. A simple action can have a significant impact. Love is one of life’s greatest gifts. Love is essential to give and inevitable to receive.




Social Work Major and Junior at the University at Albany

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