There is Now an App That Will Track How Many Times You're Interrupted by Men

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Whether in class or at a party, we've all been there - you're telling a story, only to be cut off mid-sentence by a guy. It this sounds familiar, prepare to be a fan of the newly-launched app Woman Interrupted. 

The app, which Bustle reports launched a day before International Women's Day on March 7 (not a coincidence), attempts to combat what it calls "manterruption." According to the app's website (and as you probably know already), manterruption, "stops women from expressing themselves and has deep impact on their studies, careers and personal lives."

Likewise, the app is designed to track the amount of times you're interrupted by a man throughout your conversation by using your phone's microphone to analyze conversations based on the difference in frequencies between male and female voices. Woman Interrupted's site assures users that the app doesn't record coversations themselves (your privacy is safe!) - just the data of how many times you were interrupted. It even offers women the chance to share via the app how many times they were interrupted in a given day or week.

While "manterruption," can seem like a small problem, it has a major effect on the women who feel like their thoughts and ideas are being silenced - even if the interruptions aren't necessarily intentional. Hopefully, the app will make everyone more aware of being respectful, even regardless of gender. 

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