Israel and Gaza Reach Cease-fire

After more than a week of heightened conflict near the Israel-Gaza border, it looks like things might finally be settling down. After negotiations brokered by Egypt and the U.S., Israel and Hamas have agreed to a cease-fire that went into effect today at 2 pm EST (9 pm local time in Israel and Gaza), The Huffington Post reports.

The agreement calls for concessions from both sides. The cease-fire negotiations call for new border arrangements, and asks both sides to end all hostilities, according to The Associated Press.

But the conflict is far from over. The Washington Post reports that violence continued up until the 9 pm deadline, with some lingering rocket attacks lasting after the cease-fire officially ended, but notes that the continued attacks should not prove a threat to the truce. According to a report from CNN, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that if the cease-fire fails to lead to a long-term solution, additional military action could be warranted. But for now, he remains hopeful that a lasting cease-fire can be reached. Lasting peace is something that both sides want to see, and it can't come soon enough. Fox News reports that week's conflicts totaled more than 140 Palestinian deaths and five Israeli deaths.

In an effort to keep all our collegiettes informed, we want to make sure you have everything you need to follow the current conflict in the Middle East. Check out this list of "9 questions about Israel-Gaza you were too embarrassed to ask," published by The Washington Post, to brush up on your history in the region.


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