4 Love Lessons From Our Favorite ‘90s TV Couples

Posted Apr 22 2013 - 7:00pm

In our college lives, a crush, a hook-up, or even a relationship can sometimes last about as long as our interest in the most boring lecture ever. While you’re Facebook-stalking your latest obsession, another campus cutie walks by and suddenly it’s like, “Who’s Steve, again?” But, for those hopeless romantics out there who are dreaming of their epic college romances, finding the right guy can be a little difficult — to say the least. Between busy schedules, wandering eyes, and, you know, actually finding that special someone, it’s no surprise that we look back on our favorite ‘90s couples who seemed to have it all. Although they may have been lucky in love, they each conquered some serious obstacles that brought them to where they are today (or would be today if the series hadn’t ended, of course). So, since we’re feeling a little nostalgic, we’re taking a look back at those ultimate ‘90s TV couples and what we can learn from their relationships.

Donna Martin and David Silver from Beverly Hills, 90210

When we first meet Donna and David in, you know, 19-freaking-90, they’re the epitome of lost souls on the search for one another. David’s a total music geek and Donna lacks self-assurance (and, to put it lightly, intelligence). The duo is clearly in need of some romance, swag, and confidence. So lucky for them, Cupid throws the two together, creating a whirlwind relationship that lasts 10 seasons — any couple that makes it that long deserves a medal, or at least a spectacular televised wedding for us to envy over. But besides the longevity of their on-again off-again relationship, Donna and David stand out for one pure reason: Donna won’t sleep with David until they’re married; she’s a proud virgin. So what’s a guy to do when he’s desperate to get laid but also madly in love? He sticks it out, of course — I know, you totally weren’t expecting that to be the answer. Besides a few minor (ok, major — can you say cheating scandal?) bumps in the road, David stays by her side and waits until Donna’s ready to lose her virginity, something every guy should do.

Lesson learned: If he likes you, he’ll wait

In college, there’s a ton of pressure to have sex — we get that. But that doesn’t mean you have to give into it if you’re not ready. If you’re just looking for some fun, then go ahead and play — work it, girl. But, if that’s not you, then there’s no reason to change who are for some guy that will probably be gone before you can even think to make him scrambled eggs and bacon the next morning. If he’s doesn’t respect you, then he’s not going to care about your morals, values, or even what you want to do in that exact moment. If David can wait ten seasons, then he should be able to wait a few weeks, months, or years until you’re ready.

Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris from Saved By the Bell

You’ve got to fight for what you want, and that’s exactly what Zack Morris did. As the epitome of cool at Bayside High School, it was only fitting that Zack chase after the beautiful cheerleader, Kelly. It was basically set in stone from the get-go that these two were made for each other. But, of course, what’s a television show without a little drama and suspense? Producers can’t give it all up come the first season’s finale. So, Kelly strung Zach along before finally settling down and agreeing to date the witty class clown. The two seemingly had it all: wits, popularity, beauty, and, of course, a rollercoaster of emotions. Kelly cheats on Zack. Kelly gets a new boy toy. Said boy toy cheats on her. Can you say vicious cycle? As much as we loved them, their picturesque romance wasn’t as perfect as it seemed.

Lesson learned: Not every relationship is as it seems

Got a friend who only talks about how amaaaazing her beautiful, smart, and talented boyfriend is? Right, besides being completely annoying, she may also be hiding something. No relationship is perfect, even during the first months where it seems like butterflies and rainbows. You can’t just put two people together and expect unicorns to pop up — it may appear to be magic, but it’s far from flawless. So next time your friend goes on and on about how her hot boyfriend is just fabulous, remember that you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors: they could get into blowout fights over stupid things, maybe they sit in silence with nothing to talk about, or he could be cheating on her. Don’t go seeking the ultimate, perfect relationship. Instead, find someone to be weird and goofy with. Go find yourself a Screech.


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