6 Ways to Meet Cute Guys Over the Summer

Posted May 20 2013 - 12:00am
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Just because school is over doesn’t mean you have to stop meeting cute guys every night. If you hit the right spots and know how to work a hot summer outfit you can meet plenty of beaus. Whether you’re back home, interning in a city, or staying at school over the summer, you can meet cute guys during the next few months by following these 6 tips.

If you’re at home

Don’t be down in the dumps because you’re bored at home. Your town is probably full of hotties, and you don’t even know it. Even if you don’t live in a huge, bustling town, young college-age guys are always taking summer trips—and one of their stops may just be where you live.

Make the most of the outdoor party scene.

Go to every available cookout, 4th of July party, backyard get-together, weekend BBQ – the list goes on. Summer is prime time for this sort of family, friend, and neighborhood event. If you’re invited, go. Make an appearance in your cute new summer dress or shorts-and-wedges outfit; you never know who you’ll meet. That annoying neighbor next door may actually have a cute brother. Or cousin. Take her up on that offer for drinks and grilled veggies with her fam next time. Just in case.

Find a dog to walk.

girls with dogs friends laughing in park

It doesn’t matter if it’s yours, your grandma’s, or borrowed from the local shelter – get a dog and get a leash. People (guys included) are more willing to stop to talk to someone who has a cute (make sure it’s friendly, too) pup on their arm. Take the dog to the local bike or walking trail, around your neighborhood, or for a longer hike in the woods. If you run into a guy with a dog, let the dogs be the icebreaker while you mingle. If he doesn’t have a pooch but you still want to chat, walk your dog closer towards him (not too obviously though), and let the dog take care of the rest. Oh what’s that? Muffin’s tail is wagging? Cue, “Hey, I think she likes you.” Success.

If you’re staying at school

First of all, keep your eyes peeled for athletes – they’re crawling on university campuses during the summer. Secondly, there might be fewer guys around, but there are fewer girls, too – so if you’re looking at ratios, the game’s still on.

Go where the sports are.

boy golfing sports athletes

Hit up the tennis and basketball courts, the golf course, or the fitness club in your area. Dudes love waking up early, putting on a polo (it’s a golf course rule to dress up a little), and drinking some brews on the green. Sports are the perfect make-me-feel-like-a-hotshot guy activities. What could be a better time to do a little flirting than when he’s feeling confident and strong and is in his best well-dressed gear? It doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a club (or racquet) before either—guys love to teach. When you get to the clubhouse to get balls, ask about a lesson. Nine times out of 10 you’ll get a 22 year-old hottie who’s home for the summer to coach, same as he’s done since high school. We won’t say we told you so. No golfing greens or athletic clubs? There’ll be sporty boys at the gym, too.


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