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50 Ways to Come on Too Strong

Posted Jan 27 2014 - 7:00pm
Tagged With: clingers, dating, flirting

Whether you’ve just started dating a new guy or you’re attempting to snag a campus cutie, you’ve probably done a couple of crazy things to keep him interested. Texting him cute messages and offering him little compliments here and there are nice gestures, but how can you demonstrate to your guy just how head-over-heels, gaga in love you are?

Here are just a few ways to make sure your guy knows how crazy you are for him (and, consequently, just how crazy you are).

1. Favorite every tweet he's posted since 2011.

2. Talk about which features of his you’d like your future kids to inherit.

3. Send his parents friend requests on Facebook.

4. Use to put pictures of the two of you on the bodies of various celebrity couples.

5. Attend all his intramural basketball games as the unofficial team cheerleader.

6. Change your name in his phone to “My One and Only.”

7. Send him a Snapchat every morning when you wake up so it’s like he’s waking up next to you.

8. Get a T-shirt screen-printed with his face on it.

9. Memorize his schedule so you’ll always be waiting for him outside of his classes.

10. Accompany him to the gym so you can cheer him on as he lifts weights.

11. Bring him homemade soup in bed when you see him post on Facebook that he caught a cold.

12. Send him text messages with winking emojis throughout the day.

13. Give him a framed photo of yourself to put on his bedside table.

14. Spray your signature scent all over his sheets.

15. Memorize the lyrics to his favorite songs and serenade him whenever you get a chance.

16. Endorse every skill he has listed on LinkedIn.

17. Instagram a picture of every “first” the two of you have together (e.g. first movie together, first ski trip together, first Chipotle burrito together, etc.).

18. Sit with his friends whenever you see them in the dining hall and keep turning the conversation back to how great he is.

19. Put on a magic show where you handcuff the two of you together and “accidentally” misplace the key.

20. Change his computer background to a picture of the two of you.

21. Download a tracking device onto his cell phone so that you can always find out where he is.

22. Give him a sweater with a heart sewn inside one of the arms so he can always wear your heart on his sleeve.

23. Ask him what he wants for Christmas… next year.

24. Show him apartments that the two of you could move into together after graduation.

25. “Like” every photo he appears in on Facebook with another girl and ask him who they are later.


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