Check out Wanderu: The Best Site for Bus and Train Travel!

It seems like the life of a collegiette is full of travel. For those of us who go to school far from home, it means long train rides every other month. Even when you're on break, the separation anxiety from being away from your favorite roomie can get too much, and next thing you know you're booking a bus to another city. And, of course, college is a time for exploration, like booking a girls weekend in New York City!

Whether you're heading toward home-cooked food, your best friend or you're just off to see the sights, traveling is super fun! But there's one thing that's usually a total bummer: figuring out how to get there! Worry no more, though, because we're here to introduce you to Wanderu, the best site for finding and booking bus and train tickets.

Flights can be a huge stretch on a tight budget, so many collegiettes opt for buses or trains to get where they need to go. But, if you've ever tried to book a trip from one city to another and realized that there is no direct route between them, things can get stressful! And there's so many sites: how do you pick the right one?! Don't stress out, though, because Wanderu is here to help.

Wanderu is designed with travelers in mind. Just pick your starting point and your final destination, and Wanderu will search through all the huge variety of options and find the easiest way for you to get there. They'll show you how to get to the bus or train station to start your trip, directions between stations if there are any transfers, and help you customize your itinerary to look for exactly what you need. Know you'll get bored without WiFi on your eight-hour ride? Just search for buses that offer WiFi! It's that easy!

Wanderu is really easy to use, and it has everything a savvy collegiette traveler needs to get going. Check it out for yourself, at!


Julia is a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University, where she studied Writing Seminars and Women's Studies. She lives outside of Boston and is a Fall 2012 Editorial Intern at Her Campus. Her favorite activities are writing, drawing, and eating sushi. She also enjoys picking up new hobbies, like photography, and she's trying hard to learn the ukelele!

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